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“When one teaches, two learn.”


― Robert A. Heinlein

Customer Testimonies  

April 25, 2014

"I really enjoyed my time being tutored by Felisha. She was not only a good tutor but a great friend! She really helped me and my 9-year-old daughter to improve our speaking ability. When I first arrived in the United States my daughter and I had poor communication skills in English. This made it difficult for me to deal with daily economic affairs and communicating with the local people. My daughter had a very difficult time understanding the course at school. After some months of tutoring with Felisha our language communication ability greatly improved. I was amazed at the progress we made! I could smoothly communicate with new American friends I met. It became easier for my daughter to understand her school lessons. When we returned home to our country, I could carry out bilingual teaching for our students, and my daughter achieved very good results in every English Exam!  I mostly credit these results to Felisha's tutor sessions. She is very easy going and humorous and has a lot of teaching ESL experience. I'm so excited she is opening her online Esl Tutoring Services. I 100% recommend her services." 

(Daughter) Wei Zhuo Yue and (Mom) Professor Li Xiao Ning The Northwest University of Politics and Law, Xian


March 04, 2016

"Felisha is a wonderful teacher!  When I was a visiting scholar at Duke University, my friends and I had a weekly 2-hour tutor session with Fumei. (the name we know her by)

Being more advanced in our speaking ability, she would have us each read a text and discuss each sentence. She was very patient and made sure we clearly understood the contents and evaluated our replies. She corrected our mistakes, even minor ones because I felt she wanted to help us sound more like native speakers. At times a new person would join our session and Fumei would adjust the lesson difficulty according to the new students level. She encouraged me a lot and helped me become more self-confident in conversing with locals. In our study group, we would have so much fun, making jokes and laughing that the time would fly by!  I'm grateful that a friend referred her ESL services to me. I'm even happier about our friendship that still exists today!" 

Chief Scientist, Beijing DeYi Education Limited. 

December 19, 2015

"Before coming to America my 5 year- old- son and I did not have many opportunities to speak English. I was nervous about living abroad for 1 year with limited speaking abilities. My best friend that was ending her visiting scholar year, as I was arriving, recommended taking tutor lessons with Felisha. Twice a week my son and I looked forward to her coming to tutor us. As a tutor, she is very loving and passionate but also very frank. After several months of lessons, I saw so many improvements in our speaking! This really gave me so much confidence to interact with local American people.  Felisha has become one of my close friends! A couple of years ago she came to Shanghai to visit me and my best friend that recommended her. We invited her to be a guest speaker for our graduate students. I would recommend her ESL services to anyone looking to improve their English speaking and comprehension."  

Associate professor  Yu Fei Yue, East China Normal University, Shanghai

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