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Bilingual tutor:

English and advanced-level Mandarin Chinese

Hello future students and friends! I am Felisha R. Wilson, owner of Frenaew ESL Services LLC.  I am excited you have come to visit our English as a Second Language Services Website. From all of us at Frenaew ESL Service: 


 We are happy to help you reach your English learning goals. Our mission is to help you comfortably speak and learn the language while giving you a uniquely different but fun cultural experience! My team and I have years of experience teaching students of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. With each session, we will aim to get to know you so we can tailor the sessions to your speed and progress, and forge friendships with you so you can feel comfortable reaching out to us anytime. We pride ourselves on forming friendship beyond the classroom; friendships that last a lifetime. 

Meet The Team

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Pam Mitchell

Keesha Mattox

Bilingual tutor:

English and intermediate -level Mandarin Chinese

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