Customizable learning plans to fit your needs


  • Our tutors are Bilingual (Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Spanish).  Our tutors can communicate in your native language and ensure your comprehension


  • Our Teaching materials are developed by educators that understand what works in the classroom.


  • Many of our materials are custom-made and original, designed to enhance your reading comprehension 


  • Our Tutors are from various work Industry backgrounds. (Hospitality, Sales, Banking, Accounting, and Nursing). We can relate to your real life experiences and customize your lessons to meet your personal or business needs. 



Other ways to use our ESL service to help you express your thoughts clearly in English.

  • English Business Editing - A great service for those needing help with commercial retail signs, restaurant menus, business lingo and jargon etc...


  • English Academic Editing and Proofreading - We can review your written drafts to suggest edits for grammatical errors, edit for word choice, and cultural competency. 


  • English Personal Editing - We can assist you with reviewing your resumes, cover letters, interview responses, business negotiations and other personal documents. 

Besides being dedicated to you and being passionate about our craft we create a fun learning environment that will allow you to learn at your comfort level. You will always feel our personal attention to your needs and your progress will be tangible.

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